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REVIVE SKIN™️ - Rose Quartz Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

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What Are Gua Sha And Jade Roller Tools?

Gua sha and Jade Rollers assist with massaging and de-puffing the face. So, they’re basically your new bff.

While these tools might be new to you, they have been a part of Chinese skin care routines since the 7th Century - so they really have proven their results over the years.

Dermatologists and aestheticians swear by the effectiveness of these tools, to deliver legitimate skin benefits and have been using these tools for professional treatments popularly in the recent years.

Benefits Of Using Gua Sha and Jade Roller

Release Tension: Perhaps the biggest benefit of a Gua Sha and Jade Roller tool is that they assists with releasing tension in the face and neck, which helps get rid of associated pain points like a headache or a sore, tense jaw.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage: Does the skin on your face look dull, tired and puffy? It might be because fluid has started to build up in your lymphatic system. The light pressure and upward and outward motion applied when using a Gua Sha and Jade Roller tool helps with lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and improving appearance of the skin overall.

Contour The Face: Want your cheekbones to pop? The Gua Sha has got you covered! A Gua Sha facial uses strokes that create pressure and lift at the same time. The tool has different shaped edges to fit around the different parts of your face which, combined with the Gua Sha facial technique, are designed to sculpt and contour the face.

More Amazing Benefits...

Support Blood Circulation: You might notice your skin gets slightly flushed when using a Gua Sha tool. This is a sign of healthy blood flow to the skin. Increasing blood flow helps nourish skin cells as blood carries nutrients and oxygen to cells in your body. The end result is happy healthy skin!

Skincare Product Penetration: Applying a light pressure when using your Facial Roller helps your skincare products to soak into the skin. So be sure to pop a mask, serum or oil on your face before rolling away.

Easy To Use & Super Relaxing: It’s simple and straightforward to use and because it massages your skin, it’s so relaxing and adds a whole new level to your self care routine. In fact, we love to follow up our Gua Sha facials with a Facial Roller massage, because why not?!